Product Info


EZ Weld TIG wire is a core filled wire with 4% Utechtanite. It is an excellent product for welding cast iron, cast iron to steel, and other dissimilar metals. EZ Weld TIG wire contains no nickel or any other elements considered hazardous to the welder. Our wire wets and flows at a lower temperature. The weld bead stays ahead of the tungsten tip and thus appeals to most welders.




Using a special arc furnace that we designed and built we have developed several alloys:

  • A Radar absorbent powder
  • A copper/ lead bearing material that can operate at 1700 degrees F and won’t seize or damage the shaft. This alloy is also being tested for brake pads.
  • Welding products. Our metal can be alloyed to solid wires or as a powder it can be added to the flux coated electrodes and core filled wires.

Recommendations for welding with EZ Weld TIG Wire™

Settings: For cast iron

DC Negative
100 amps
100% Argon Gas
2% thoriated Tungsten pointed tip

We apply a moisture/rust-resistant coating to our wire when it leaves our factory. For best results use a sparing amount of acetone on a rag and wipe the wire to remove this. If thickness permits, you can “V” out the crack to expose the clean metal. Some TIG welders like to make a quick pass or 2 over the crack to give it a little preheat but also to burn out any grease or oil. Make a puddle with the tip and add filler by a dip with the wire in the puddle. When you complete the weld, always leave the weld with a deposit of filler wire. If the process is not successful, use a magnet to verify that the casting is iron.



This is one of the best videos available showing you TIG welding techniques. Be sure to watch at least the first two minutes.