As seen on Jay Lenos’s garage!

Revolutionary Technology.

EZ Weld TIG wire is the best choice for hard to weld cast iron and for binding dissimilar metals. Non-carcinogenic, no nickel, and no pre-heating required.

Our welding solutions offer a guarantee of consistent high quality welds. EZ Weld TIG wire is a product that is the result of out of the box thinking and application. It’s the manipulation of elements, electrons, chemistry and controlled explosions!

“I welded a 100-year-old cast iron part for Jay Leno and was skeptical that the EZ Weld TIG wire would work. The inventor said I didn’t have to pre-heat it which made it more of a mystery to me but it worked great! Most welders won’t touch cast iron, but this may be the solution every welder has been looking for! It will be my favorite rod for difficult projects from now on.”

Mr. TIG, Jay Leno’s Garage

“Just used two packs of EZ Eld TIG wire-welding mild steel piping to a cast iron exhaust manifold for a turbine waste gate. It welded magnificently! Did two continuous runs around the pipe and not a crack in sight! Very impressed, no pre-heating – what a great product my welding friends have discovered!”

P. Morice, Australia

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  • Chris Razor

    3 years ago

    I have been welding professionally for 47 years and have been looking for a tig filler wire for welding cast iron and have never been satisfied with anything else until this rod. I will continue to expand to other cast iron jobs but just welded a 1969 rare cast iron block. Only 160 were made. Welded with no preheat or peening.
    Your filler rod will allow me to continue to offer cast iron welding to my customers. I will post future results as I come across them.
    As of now I’m your biggest fan. Thank you.
    Chris Razor