About us


EZ Weld TIG wire is the result of a catastrophic explosion in the lab of Dale Davidson as he was trying to develop a radar-absorbing compound with significant military applications.

Dale has been a student of metallurgy most his adult life with an insatiable appetite for experimentation and adventure! “Transmuting metal, or Alchemy, has been studied since the 1600’s. My methodology and the pursuit were not to turn lead into gold but develop solutions that benefit industrial or medical applications. Like alchemy, progress is frequently the result of unanticipated accidents.” states Davidson.  Play-dough, superglue, Teflon and the microwave oven were all created by such “failed” experiments.

Our unplanned mishap did not yield the expected result, but instead created something new and interesting and worth exploring further. This is how we discovered the base powder for our unique core-filled TIG wire, a compound we call Utechtanite.

“We found that when you punish metal in a violent explosion you strip off electrons and you can rebuild the core metals to make them perform desired tasks,” says Dale. “The metal in our TIG wire is so starved for electrons that it will bind dissimilar metals in a most superior way!”

EZ Weld TIG wire is revolutionizing the welding community through its ability to bind dissimilar metals, including cast iron. And oh yes – Utechtanite is radar absorbing for fabricating that cloaking device you’re working on!


“About a year ago, I had a friend of mine ask if I could repair a cast iron pedal from a 100-year-old antique piano. During the welding process, the filler material flowed very well, and the weld came out looking like a professional had done it. Thank you for a product that made me look like a much better welder than I am! My friend still thinks I was lying when I told him cast iron is difficult to weld.” – Gary J., Holiday Island, Arkansas

“Seller was very instructive on how to use this fantastic material. This rod is very different than anything I have ever used. It worked great. Welded a ¼ inch thick steel plate to cast iron, let it cool and later clamped the iron in a vice and bent the steel 45 degrees and the weld held perfectly! Just ordered more to keep on hand for the other challenging jobs that walk in our shop. There is nothing like this EZ Weld TIG wire!” – Steven H.

“I am an old school journeyman welder with 45yrs experience in shipyards, pressure vessel shops, offshore, fab shops, refineries, paper mills, chemical plants, and so on. I used to use nickel rod to do cast iron, but that’s old school now too. Move over, Rover, let EZ Weld take over! TIG welding cast with EZ Weld filler wire is unbelievably easy and a really good quality weld. It has no nickel or chrome in it, has near perfect color match, and very strong tensile strength. This wire welds copper to carbon steel, copper to stainless, carbon steel to cast – well worth the investment!” – Doug, North Carolina